Workshop / Webinar

Vision Muscat / Migrate Visa Consultancy Services is proud to announce that we are the first company to offer Australia Immigration training to clients globally through online live Workshop/Webinar.

Who is this Suitable for?

  • Those who have budget constraint to use the services of a Registered Migration Agent.
  • If you do not wish to pay exorbitant fees to unregistered Migration Agents (especially those who hardly have any knowledge about the Australian Immigration Law and are not under the purview of the regulatory authority) who fail to deliver on their promise, which leads many applicants to take the tough path of applying by themselves.
  • Also, considering the high cost involved in the immigration process which includes, but not limited to Skill assessment fee, English language test fee, Visa application fee, Medical fees, Police Clearance fee, cost of certifying the documents, etc., many choose to take the journey of migrating without the any professional help of a Registered Migration Agent.
  • Those who have done extensive research and are willing to do it by themselves.
  • Those who are guided by family or friends in preparing their documentation, but still need professional assistance.

We call upon all those prospective applicants who wish to do their immigration paper work by themselves to choose our One Day Extensive Workshop or Webinar (Live Online Interactive Training/Workshop).


  • The Presenter has completed a Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law and Practice from the Australian National University (ANU).
  • The presenter is a Registered Migration Agent (RMA) with the Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority (MARA).
  • Learn face-to-face the entire process of immigration from start to finish.
  • Learn the relevant Migration law applicable to your class and subclass of visa.
  • Interact with the Presenter; Discuss and clarify doubts.
  • Share your documents with the Presenter and discuss any particular document or process.
  • Get Preliminary assessment from the RMA to know your eligibility for migration to Australia.
  • Learn through successful case files.
  • See sample format of documents.
  • Learn about the types of documents to submit to relevant authority.
  • Learn about any complex process/documents involved.
  • Learn the tips which will help you to submit a decision ready error free application.
  • Learn about the mistakes to avoid in your application.
  • Learn step by step about how to fill relevant forms and how to submit them.
  • Learn to draft covering letters and Submission Letters.
  • Get your questions answered in Open Questions & Answers Session.

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